Durango, Colorado
A Four Season Vacation Experience

Durango. Wonderland of Adventure.

San Juan Mountains

All season outdoor adventure. If you love outdoor adventure, Durango, Colorado is your destination. Located in the Four Corners, Grand Circle region where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona join together, Durango CO is a synergy of astounding beauty and all-season vacation recreation. Durango sets at 6,512 feet of elevation that is surrounded by San Juan Mountains where peaks rise to 14,000 feet of majestic beauty with some incredibly vertical ski slopes.

The Animas River flows through the town of Durango and features miles and miles of Hiking trails along the river edges where river rafting is popular. The surrounding natural and diverse landscape is a blend of jagged peaks, alpine forests, aspen groves, red sandstone bluffs, rolling mountains and lush green valleys with meadow of wildflowers.

Spending quality time with nature. If you vacation to Durango CO, you will have a difficult time deciding when and how to spend time enjoying the great outdoors. Winter brings an abundance of snow recreations. Ski, snowmobile, sled and ice-skate. Spring and summer are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, riding the railroad, or sightseeing along the Scenic Byways or visiting the archaeological wonder of Mesa Verde National Park. Autumn is particularly beautiful with the changing colors of foliage. Whitewater rafting is most exciting in late spring and early summer when the surrounding snow melts to create the raging river waters.

Durango Population. 13,922 (2000)
Durango Elevation. 6,512 feet
Surrounding Elevation. Up to about 14,000 feet
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