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We strengthen your competitive advantage by capturing qualified leads through web search and referrals from other travel related websites. New potential customers are referred directly to you. Our target audience are vacationers, tourists, business travelers and residents. Our affordable advertising and listing options give you continuous exposure to the entire world 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of print advertising.

Website Sponsor Ads. $1,200 Calendar Annual. All Pages.

Website Sponsor Ads appear at the top right side of every web page including the home page. A maximum of three Advertisers will auto-rotate in the position for equalized impressions.
• 125 pixels wide x 200 pixels high.
• One-time ad design fee is $150.
• Advertiser may furnish ad (specifications below).
• Ad will link to Advertiser's website or Optional Landing Page

Sidebar Banner Ads. $900 Calendar Annual. All Pages.

Side Bar Banner Ads appear on every web page including the home page. Ads appear in the order received. They do not auto-rotate. Ads appear above the Google Ads and below the Website Sponsor Ad.
• 125 x 125 pixels square per our specifications below.
• Rate assumes advertiser-furnished ads.
• Ad links to Advertiser's website or optional dedicated landing page.

Bottom Leaderboard Ads. $700 Calendar Annual. All Pages

Bottom Leaderboard Ads appear on every web page including the home page and is limited to only five advertisers. Ads will auto-rotate for equalized impressions
• 728 pixels wide x 90 pixels high.
• One-time ad design fee of $150.
• Advertiser may provide ad (specifications below)

Spotlight Ads. $500 Calendar Annual Per Page.

Spotlight Ads are the most powerful advertising positions and reside at the top of the content area of selected topic category pages. On these pages there is only one spotlight advertiser. • 384 pixels wide x 233 pixels high.
• Fee includes an optional dedicated landing page.
• One-time ad design fee of $150.
• Advertiser may provide the Spotlight Ad to our specifications (below).
• Ad will link the Advertiser's website or Dedicated Landing Page.

Preferred Listings. $150 Per Calendar Year.

Preferred Listings are available on selected category pages and appear below Spotlight Ads in the order received.
• Listing includes company name, address, phone number, Google Map link and a 70 word maximum description.
• Company name links to Advertiser's website or optional dedicated landing page.

Basic Business Listing. Free With A Link To Our Website.

For a limited time we offering Basic Listings free with a link from your website to our website. Click here for details and linking information. Listing includes Company Name, Address and Phone Number. Basic Listings are placed under the Preferred Listings and do not include a website link, description or a Google Map link.

Dedicated Web Page. $200 Calendar Annual.

Ideal for small businesses that do not have a website or firms that desire more Internet exposure. Ads are created to a standard format that includes Logo, Company Name, Address, up to 500 Words of Description, up to four pictures and a link to your website (if applicable).
• One-time ad setup fee is $200.
• Dedicated Ad Landing Page will be optimized for search engine ranking.
• Advertiser changes: $50 minimum per update.

Custom Advertising.

Contact us with proposed requests using the form below. We have many websites including the following: Arizona Leisure, Dream Sedona, Phoenix ASAP, Scottsdale ASAP, Tucson ASAP and Dream Flagstaff.

Ad Specifications.

Advertising rates assume client-furnished ads in JPEG Format to the specified sizes. We do not accept animated or Flash advertisements.