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Durango Bike Tours & Events

There are a few different tours and bicycle events in the Durango area, including those described below.

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

Iron Horse Bike Classic

Meet me in Durango. For 40 years, Durango has been hosting cyclists at the renowned Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. The annual weekend event is held at the end of May and includes a slew of races and tours for both road bike and mountain bike enthusiasts.

Rides and activities for everyone. Nowadays, more than 2000 cyclists participate in the activities. Mountain Bikers have their own race. And most roadies do the MacDonald's Citizen Tour, which Outside Magazine included on its suggested "Life List" of things to do. The 50-mile race to Silverton, Colorado weaves through such spectacular scenery that riders are left breathless from more than exercise.

In addition to several other tours, there is a race for kids 3 to 18. And everyone has fun dressing up for the bike parade. You can even shop for new wheels at the bike swap.

Colorado calls you. Competitors may enjoy pushing their limits and the chance to win cash, but most simply love meeting up with like-minded people in the bike-friendly town of Durango. Enamored with the compelling landscapes and challenging trails and tours, you too can immerse yourself in the outdoor glory of the Four Corners region.

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Competitors can register for the Iron Horse Training program, an online program which was designed to help riders prepare for the event.

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic
PO Box 1389
Durango, CO 81302

Ride the Rockies

Ride through Durango. Ride the Rockies is an annual summer bike tour, which passes through Durango, CO, among other popular mountain towns. The exact route changes every year but the over-500-mile ride lasts 6-7 days and is sponsored by the Denver Post.

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Over 4000 applicants seek to secure 2000 spots.

Ride the Rockies
101 W. Colfax
Denver, CO 80202

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